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Clinton Central Bulldogs: Another Indiana High School Brings in Jeff Yalden

Motivational mental health speaker Jeff Yalden might not be able to pin down his favorite state in the country, but he will tell you that he loves coming to Indiana.  

Indiana holds a very special place in his heart because his teen mental health programs really got their start in Indiana high schools.  

Indiana has been ranked number two in the country with teen completed suicides. It’s been a state very close to Jeff’s heart. He said he has met and worked with great schools, administrators, counselors, teens, and communities there.

This week in Indiana didn’t disappoint, either. He spent two full days at Clinton Prairie High School and Clinton Central High School, speaking to teens, teachers, parents and community - two full days making an impact talking teen mental health, motivation, and giving these two communities hope and permission to move forward after struggling with emotional pain and trying times.

Clinton Central had a couple of car accidents that have taken the lives of students. This has really impacted the community a great deal - yet another community struggling with their teens having to process adult emotions. It’s too much on our youth who struggle enough already with everyday expectations, the unknown, and how social media and smartphones have impacted their overall well-being.

We as educators and parents are struggling to figure out the well-being of our teens. When they get hit with a loss, the struggle seems to be insurmountable.

Sometimes it takes an outside person to help the community break through – a speaker like Jeff Yalden, who has over 27 years of experience working with high schools and school communities. Jeff started speaking to teens in 1992. Since then, he’s become, year after year, one of the most in-demand youth motivational speakers and mental health speakers in all of North America.

Jeff is real. He engages his audiences with his sincerity and heartfelt messages. Our youth sense his authenticity and appreciate that he speaks with them and not at them. Jeff doesn’t sugarcoat his message. He speaks from his heart into their hearts -  talking about life, love, loss, and how we move forward every day. His message covers so many teen topics that at first it’s like, “What just happened?” Then, it’s about processing the message as a whole.

But as Jeff would say, “Just take one or two things from the message and it’s a great day.”

If you are looking for Jeff to come to your school and speak, please visit www.TheJYF.org. You won’t be disappointed.