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Jeff Yalden makes a difference in Devine, TX

In the spring of 2018, Teen Mental Health Speaker and Suicide Prevention expert, Jeff Yalden was invited to Devine High School, a small quaint community just a little southwest of San Antonio, TX.

It wasn't just another school visit for Teen Mental Health expert, Jeff Yalden.  This was going to be a little different.  A week earlier, this school experienced a suicide that happened in the school bathroom at about 9:22 am on a Monday.  Imagine . . .

Another Monday coming back to school after the weekend.  Teachers and staff just getting into the day sipping their coffee, the front office is just recovering from students coming in late, parents calling in for their child, when all of a sudden two students coming running in screaming.

Lives are forever changed.  What was starting off as any other day suddenly became a life changing moment that will never be forgotten.  This moment shattered a school community.

You never think it will happen in your community.  Why?  Suicide isn't prejudice to anyone or anywhere.  This young lady was hurting, hurting enough to want to take her life.  Did anyone know?  Did anyone suspect this could happen? 

It wasn't long when Devine High School reached out to Teen Suicide Prevention and Mental Health expert, Jeff Yalden, who speaks to school communities on teen mental health and teen suicide.  Shortly thereafter, Jeff was on his way.

When Jeff arrived he met the principal and this young lady's leadership teacher at 6:30 am in a small Texas diner.  There they discussed the day, expectations, and made sure they were on the same page.

The day started with a school assembly.  Then Jeff had students lined up all day that wanted to talk one on one.  After school, Jeff met with teachers and staff members.  Late afternoon, parents and community filled the auditorium and Jeff spoke about teen mental health, smartphones, social media depression, teen suicide, and so much more.  

Immediately after, Jeff attended the high school basketball game and cheered the team onto victory over their cross town rivals.

What a visit that Jeff will never forget.  Apparently, a visit they will never forget either.

Here is a picture that the high school principal sent to Jeff.  He made two pages in the high school yearbook.

If you are interested in Teen Mental Health and Suicide Prevention High School Motivational Speaker, Jeff Yalden coming to your school community, please reach out to us (CLICK HERE).


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