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Mindset Motivation - Getting Into Your Routine

I just lost 24 pounds in just under three weeks. 

I was stoked about that, and one simple change made that possible: I stopped eating the bad carbs.  

I stopped eating Goldfish – and I could eat Goldfish all day long. 

Weight loss surgery is not the be-all-and-end-all. I have come to find out that it’s a tool to set you off in the right direction – but you still have to do the work. 

I noticed that my diabetes numbers were starting to come up. My weight was starting to come up and my energy was starting to deplete – so I went to the doctor to get blood work done, like, “enough is enough…” 

My weight climbed to 286 from my lowest of 263. My A1C went back up past eight points. I knew I couldn’t do this, and – BOOM! – I made the change. 

In addition to the Goldfish – I stopped eating the white flours and started thinking about more protein. I don’t  think I was getting the protein I needed – and I wasn’t focused on counting the carbs, the fats and the protein. I got back on MyFitnessPal (an online community) and said that I was going to be more focused on eating healthy – and here I am. 

I’m 24 pounds lighter. I have more energy, I’m more present and less stressed. My anxiety is down – and this has been a total game-changer.  

You are probably thinking, “That’s great, Jeff – but how does this apply to me…” 

It’s all about mindset, my friends. 

I had to reach a point where enough was enough. You can call it whatever you want – rock bottom, wits’ end, failing – but it’s all about the realization that you need to make a change.  

Let me illustrate… 

Last week, I was sore from yoga. I was walking between three and five miles a day, and my sciatica was really bothering me one day. I struggled to get a 2.5 pace on the treadmill at the gym. I struggled to get two miles and I was hurting.  

This is about 7:50 in the morning. At nine a.m. I wanted to go to yoga, but I went home and sat on the couch instead. Hey – at least I did two miles, right? 

I started journaling about my feelings, my motivation, the pain – my attitude. I started thinking about where I was on the treadmill and what I wanted to do for yoga – but I told myself I was in too much pain to go to yoga – but yoga makes me feel good.   

As I was writing this out, it hit me: I needed to stop focusing on numbers or being great at yoga.  Instead, I should be focused on showing up and doing what I can. These things would help my mindset for the rest of the day. 

The solution became clear: just go. Go do it.  

I was hurting, but I went to yoga. By the time I left, I felt empowered. I’m glad I went – but the first step was accepting and acknowledging how I felt.  But I got up and got into my routine.  

Yalden - Yoga Pose Upside Down.jpg

In life, there are no secrets. You have got to do the work – and if you are willing to show up and do the work every day – results then happen. But it’s mindset – motivation – action – consistency – results. That’s it. 

Where is your mindset? What is it that you want to accomplish? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to change your relationship? Do you want to be more present and engaged?

Do you want to be a better athlete? Do you want to improve your grades? Do you want to be a better parent or husband or wife – boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you want to be a better teacher? Do you just want to be a better friend? 

Where is your mindset?  

And what is it that you need to change to have the success that you want? Success isn’t just about money. It’s about being fulfilled in your role.  

Get into your routine. Embrace that structure. The daily practice – the discipline – becomes easier every day and habits start to form. 

Be careful that you don’t fall into the routines of those in your inner circle if they are not aligned with your own. Don’t allow yourself to become sidetracked by the agendas of others. Live your life on purpose, and focus your mindset on what works for you. Leadership expert John C. Maxwell said it best: “Leader is influence – nothing more, nothing less.” 

Instead of letting your inner circle influence your routine, I want you to focus on what is best for you: mindset, motivation, action and self-discipline (showing up).  Become focused and engaged in everything you do, and your inner circle will take notice.  

But in the end, here’s what’s important: nothing changes if nothing changes.  

Change starts within. You must have the courage to look yourself in the mirror and say, “What do I need to change?” That’s personal responsibility and personal accountability. I don’t care what you’ve been through in life (well, I do care – but that was then and this is now).  

Who are you? Where are you going and how are you going to get there? 

Before looking out elsewhere, start to look within. Be accountable. Get the mindset right. Close your circle if you have to. Develop healthy habits – and rock ‘n’ roll, my friends. 

The above blog post was adapted from Episode 83 Jeff’s podcast, Mental Health and Motivation: The Unlikely Life Coach. Click HERE to listen. Go to Jeff’s iTunes podcast page HERE.

Jeff Yalden is a youth motivational speaker on teen leadership, teen mental health, suicide, and suicide prevention having worked with teens and school communities for more than two decades. Click HERE for more information.