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Suicide in Alaska

18 Suicides in 18 Months: Jeff Yalden Shakes Things Up in Alaska

Kotzebue, Alaska is 33 miles north of the Arctic Circle on Alaska's western coast. With a population of just over 3000 people, the community has been rocked by 18 suicides in 18 months. Last month, mental health speaker and author Jeff Yalden was hired as a consultant and to shake things up. Here’s what happened…

Why Teens Self-Harm

Why Teens Self-Harm

Teen Suicide and Self-Harm is a national healthcare crisis that is alarming our families and school administrators and counselors. Although self-harm is not a mental disorder it is a way for teens to relive stress and anxieties where they’re controlling their emotions. If the teen doesn’t get the support and treatment they need self-harm could lead to strong suicidal ideation. Jeff Yalden works with school communities consulting on teen mental health, suicide prevention, and crisis intervention.