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Teen Suicide: The "Why" Behind America's Suicide Epidemic

Teen Suicide in the Media

Mental health speaker and Amazon bestselling author Jeff Yalden responds to a recent USA Today story about the rise in teen suicides in recent years - a trend he calls an epidemic. It’s time for us to get comfortable being uncomfortable talking about teen suicide. It’s all about breaking the stigma attached to mental illness and suicide and keeping the conversation going. It’s OK to ask for help.

High School Teens Suicidal

An alarming number of high school students are thinking about taking their lives right now. Many have a plan and have attempted suicide already. A quick message for teens, parents, teachers and administrators. Let’s end the stigma!

I Got FIRED By My Doctor and What I Learned

I Got FIRED By My Doctor and What I Learned

Mental health speaker and author Jeff Yalden recently got FIRED by his doctor. In this blog post with VIDEO, Jeff recounts the unnerving tale and highlights a timeless and positive principle at work even in the face of unpleasant situations.

Thinking About Suicide – What To Do

In this blog post with VIDEO, Mental health speaker, author and suicide prevention expert Jeff Yalden offers his expertise to those who can’t seem to stop thinking about suicide.