Educational Consultant

A leading expert on mental health and suicide prevention, Jeff often consults with Juvenile Justice, School Districts, Family Services, and other Youth-Servicing Agencies on National Standards and Best Practices in Mental Health Services, Suicide Prevention, and Crisis Intervention.

School Communities: Teens, Teachers, Administration, Counselors, Parents and Community

He specializes in School Communities: Teen Suicide, Teen Mental Health, and Crisis Intervention.  He also helps large and small agencies:

  • Provide Clinically Effective Mental Health Services & Understanding of Today's Teens and Families
  • Provides Guidance to Teens Struggling and/or Suicidal Ideation
  • Gives Support and Advice to Families and Educators about Mental Health in Schools
  • Prevent Youth Suicide, including Effectively Responding to Youth Who Are Suicidal and Contagions
  • Reduce Vulnerability to Litigation by Helping School Districts and Communities
  • Take Corrective Action and Improve Services when involved with Litigation

Jeff has 26 years of experience specializing in Mental Health and Suicide in school communities and youth-servicing agencies.  Jeff individually tailors his consultations to the needs of the agency and the young people they serve. 

While helping to improve or develop Mental Health or Suicide Prevention Programs, these youth-serving organizations are more clinically effective and have safer practices that reduce liability.  His presentations and consultations focus on:

  • School Climate & Morale
  • Developing and Fostering Better Staff and Student Relationships
  • Developing and Fostering Better Community and District Relationships
  • Teen Motivational Mental Health Assemblies
  • Group & Individual Counseling Sessions
  • Staff Training
  • Day-to Day Operations
  • Effective Management Strategies
  • Effective Clinical Treatment & Processes
  • Staffing Issues
  • Staff Morale and Behavior
  • Balancing Youth Accountability with Quality Clinical Care

Jeff has literally worked with hundreds of communities, mental health agencies, colleges and universities, local and state police: gang units), the military, The Walter Reed House, and so many facilities.

He is a best selling author, Teen Suicide: The WHY Behind America's Teen Suicide Epidemic, BOOM: One Word, Your Life Matters;  BOOM: 28 Day Game Plan for Success; and 28 Days Creating a Life of Success.  His Podcast: Mental Health & Motivation has over 75,000 subscribers.  Nobody in the world does the work Jeff does advocating for teen mental health and suicide prevention.

 If you are looking for a consultant on teen mental health, suicide prevention, and crisis intervention look to hire Jeff.  He has served as an expert witness on legal cases involving mentally ill or suicidal youth.  He has spoken to over 4,000 live audiences in 50 states and 49 different countries, including every Province in Canada on issues related to mentally ill and suicidal youth.  He translates statistics and research from mental health professionals and takes theory into practice so administrators, lawyers, direct-care staff can implement new strategies, and understand the complex issues behind today's suicide epidemic.

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Jeff Yalden is an educational consultant on teen mental health and teen suicide.

Jeff Yalden is an educational consultant on teen mental health and teen suicide.