This video is interactive . . . Answers to the most commonly asked questions.


Play Jeff's Interactive Video . . .

Just click on the button of the presentation you are interested in when it pops up. (If you don't want to listen to his voice . . . Click on the video and silence him.  We wish we could silence him too, sometimes.)

OK . . . The serious part is this video is a great tool for you.  Jeff speaks to many different audiences: School Assemblies, Full Days in School Communities, Teacher & Staff In-Service Presentations, Suicide Prevention & Crisis Intervention, Mental Health Professionals Conferences, College Mental Health Presentations and Orientations, as well as Corporate Wellness events, and more.

So, in this video you'll notice a button pop up for the presentation you are interested in.  When that button pops up, click on it!  Seriously, click on it (with your mouse pointer) and it will play that video.  Pretty cool.  Then you come back and email us or visit the page you want.

Let us know if you have any questions.  Here is Jeff's brochure too.  Print this off and share it with your committee or meeting planner.

(Download Brochure Here)