Mental Health in Schools . . . Improving School Climate

Improving School Climate, Test Scores, Relationships, and Mental Well-Being by fixing the BROKENNESS of our YOUTH

There is a clear connection between mental health and academic performance. Helping students make the most of their education is everyone’s goal. Students struggling with depression or other mental illnesses have a harder time feeling motivated, learning, concentrating, taking tests, etc. But with timely and proper treatment, mental health challenges can be addressed and students can reach their academic potential and athletic potential.

Many states are mandating our schools teach mental health in PE and Health Classes. Jeff Yalden is one of the top leading teen mental health, suicide prevention, and crisis intervention experts in America. He has worked with hundreds of school communities who’ve suffered loss, who are being proactive, and as an educational motivational school climate consultant.

Jeff Yalden possesses a strong background in clinical psychology and education. His latest book, TEEN SUICIDE: The “WHY” Behind America’s Suicide Epidemic is a best-seller in two categories, Psychology of Suicide and School Violence and Safety. He has online courses used by hundreds of schools on Teen Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

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Here is a video explaining Breathe Work.

Breathing Techniques: The Ujjayi Breathe


  • Self-Confidence & Self-Awareness

  • Improved Relationships

  • Less Anxiety & Stress

  • Improved Grades

  • More Present and Engaged

  • More Focus & Mental Clarity

  • Improved Performance

  • Much more . . .

Best-Seller within 24 hours!

Best-Seller within 24 hours!

Teen Suicide and Teen Mental Health

Jeff’s latest book, TEEN SUICIDE: The “WHY” Behind America’s Suicide Epidemic hit BEST-SELLER status in TWO CATEGORIES within 24 hours. This book is a must read for parents, school personnel, youth pastors, coaches, and our counselors.

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Jeff Yalden’s Brochure: (CLICK HERE)

Online Courses for Teens and School Communities

Online Courses for Teens and School Communities

Online Courses: (CLICK HERE)