Penny Wars Campaign

September is Suicide Prevention Month

The Winning School Community gets a FREE FULL DAY . . . Jeff Yalden visits your school community!  The Announcement will be made on Saturday, October 6, 2018 on the Jeff Yalden Foundation Facebook Page LIVE.  Your school community has 31 Days to raise as much money as you can for a FREE Full Day visit from Jeff Yalden.

Penny Wars

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Quick Steps

  • Decide the rules and publish (and distribute) them

  • Distribute containers to classrooms or in a common area: Bring to cafeteria every day or in front of office

  • Publicize your event (flyers, social media, etc.)

  • Encourage kids with announcements and charts for success and school spirit

  • Count the donations. Winning School Community who raises the most amount of money gets a FREE Full Day visit from Jeff Yalden in your school community.

** Every participating school will receive posters, educational resources, a school banner, and a FREE 30 Day Suicide Prevention Course for Teachers and Staff Personnel.

Additional Considerations

What to use to collect the coins:

Any large container will do, some that work particularly well are empty water (bubbler) bottles, gallon-size milk jugs, and large snack containers (such as those coming from warehouse stores with pretzels, cheese puffs, etc.)

Where to set up the containers:

Organizers will frequently provide each participating classroom with containers and gather them at the end.  But depending on the size of your school, the number of grades, and the number of classrooms per grade, they can also be organized by grade in a central location.

Where and how to count the coins:

It's the obvious end result, but worth considering beforehand.  For one, the containers can get quite heavy; and not all banks are willing to count a large quantity of coins.  Options include enlisting volunteers to hand-roll the coins or taking the coins to a supermarket that has a coin-counting machine.  Some groups choose to invest in a coin-counting machine, particularly those that plan to announce classroom tallies during the penny war or that plan to fundraise with penny wars again in future years.  Good luck and "Thank You!"

Publicizing Your Event

Penny Wars don't require a lot of advance notice for participation - all students need to do is bring in some change.  But you'll still want to make families aware of the activity on your website and Facebook page (and other social media platforms, if you have them) to give them time to save up their coins.  And you'll definitely want to share the rules ahead of time.  Make flyers or use ours here.

Often, just providing containers and incentives are sufficient to get competitive juices flowing.  But a theme always adds a fun element.

Visual Motivation


Show Off Your Fundraising Thermometer

You can help keep momentum by playing up classes' progress, either during morning announcements or via fun visuals displayed in a central location in the school.

Update a poster daily that shows class totals, using big numbers to indicate which classrooms were in first, second, and third places.  Get the competitive juices going each and every day.  

You can use a Progress Thermometer, like this one marking students' efforts toward their goal to raise money during the month-long Penny War.  It's a simple and effective way to keep participants up to speed.

** Every participating school will receive posters, educational resources, a school banner, and a FREE 30 Day Suicide Prevention Course for Teachers and Staff Personnel.


Your donations save lives & inspire many!

The Jeff Yalden Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization for Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention

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