Ribbons of Hope Campaign

** Every participating school will receive posters, educational resources, a school banner, and a FREE 30 Day Suicide Prevention Course for Teachers and Staff Personnel.

Join us in Giving Hope ; Inspiring All.  Here is a pledge we ask you to take.  Purchase a Ribbon for $1 in your stand against suicide and your support for Mental Health and put these up showing our pledges.  We all need to Speak Up ; Reach Out and let others know they're supported.

Your fundraising efforts helps The Jeff Yalden Foundation, Inc. to put educational mental health resources in our schools and communities.  You also help us to give our Suicide Prevention Courses around the country.  Every dollar helps us in our mission.  Thank you for your support and doing your work to silence the stigma.

Suicide Ribbon Campaign


Here is a PDF Sheet with four Ribbons on a sheet you can print out