Staff & Board Members

These people are purpose driven, mission oriented, and change agents having a heart for youth and educators.  Every. Day. we hear stories and send Jeff to the trenches to Give Hope ; Inspire All.  Without the TEAM we wouldn't have the impact on lives we do.  We are a TEAM. #AllIn 

The Jeff Yalden Foundation, Inc. Staff

Jeff Yalden, Founder & Executive Director

The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Well, not really but Jeff has impacted lives for over 26 years and his purpose, passion, and life have brought him to this stage in his life where he is significantly impacting lives in communities around the world and most importantly he's building a legacy and making the world a better place.  One person.  One community at a time.

Janet Kelly, Community Outreach Coordinator

After 28 years in the classroom teaching in private schools in Texas and South Carolina, Janet decided she needed a change of pace and scenery and decided to join The Jeff Yalden Foundation, Inc., and we are excited to have her.  As an English teacher and counselor, Jeff now has someone on his team who can do the politically correct stuff and edit his work (when he lets her and preferably before he sends it out.)

Betty Brennan, Director of Community Engagement

Betty is a small town Kansas girl who enjoys living a simple life.  She believes in kindness and that being a person of character is far more important in this world than success or academic achievement. Betty focuses on bringing up her children to value these traits more than being rich or finding happiness through money and fame.

However Betty can help you get Jeff to your school and your community, please just let her know.  Betty is a true gem to work with and she enjoys working with schools in order to help Jeff touch hearts and change lives. (Full Description)

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The Jeff Yalden Foundation, Inc. Board Members

  • Jeff Yalden: Founder & President

  • Nicole Lampo: Secretary

  • Rachel Putorti: Treasurer

  • Betty Brennan: Director

  • Crystal Hobbs: Director

  • Shannon McNaul: Director

  • John Trombetta: Director