Forgiveness and Why it's important for your Mental Health

Forgiveness: The "How" and the "Why" it's Important for your Mental Health

Easy conversation about Teen Mental Health with Jeff Yalden

Teen Mental Health speaker Jeff Yalden spends time with individual students and groups of students during his visits to school communities.

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Forgiveness: The "How" and the "Why" it's important!

Have you ever said something you wish you didn't say? Have you ever done something you wish you didn't do? Do you have regrets? Do you ever wish you could take back the words you used when you hurt someone? How about wishing you could take back that moment when you did something you wish you didn't do?

Forgiveness is a powerful tool. Not just learning to forgive others, but also learning to forgive yourself. Jeff Yalden shares a quick 30 minute class/course that teaches forgiveness and the 'How' and the 'Why' it's important. Learn from a man that lives with mental illness and how his bi-polar type 2 has caused hurt and pain and even was the cause of some now lost relationships.

We've all made mistakes and we are not perfect but we seem to live in a world where we hold others more accountable than we do ourselves. This is a great class/course that will teach you understanding, compassion, and empathy resulting in greater personal growth and forgiveness.

Appropriate for 6th grade to 12 grade boys and girls.

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