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Recently, a superintendent said, "Jeff, we don't want the sizzle; we want the meat."  Jeff replied, "I understand. Twenty seven years speaking in education and I don't care to be funny.  I care more about the teachable moment and inspiring our teachers to connect with their students and build better relationships.

Teacher In-Service Speaker

Cabot, AR - 800 Teachers for Two Hours and a Standing Ovation. Watch this Staff Development Keynote Talk with Jeff. (Click Here).

This community has experienced seven suicides in one year.  Of course they don't want sizzle.  They want answers.  They want to know how they can make a difference and inspire their students about life and the pursuit of happiness.

A Standing Ovation Two Hour Talk to 800 Teachers

A Standing Ovation Two Hour Talk to 800 Teachers

You know what teachers also don't want?  They don't want someone to tell them how to do their job.  They don't want fluff and they don't want to be spoken at.  They want to be validated and reminded of the importance of their influence.  They want to know how to connect and reach their students deeper than just the course material.  They want to know what signs to look for, how to ask the suicide question, why teens are struggling with mental health more today than before, and they want to know that you know what you are talking about.

When you want a speaker for your teachers that knows Teen Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, look no further.  Jeff Yalden will mesmerize your staff and deliver a powerful presentation that is very different than they would expect.  It's personally as uplifting as it is professionally educational.  It's inspiring, real, and gives real life examples with real life solutions.  It's relatable and filled with content your teachers and staff can start using immediately.

Jeff Yalden started his career as a teacher and a coach at Hollis-Brookline High School in Hollis, New Hampshire.  Today, he has inspired millions in education and is a highly sought after speaker for Teacher In-Service Presentations about Teen Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

Imagine this . . . 

It's Friday afternoon and the students are let out for early dismissal, but the teachers have an in-service presentation about Teen Suicide.  It's Friday afternoon.  It's the start of Labor Day weekend.  Can you imagine?  You can imagine how excited the whole district: teachers, staff, counselors, administration, and more would be having to sit through two hours of teen mental health and suicide prevention on this Friday afternoon.

Here comes Jeff Yalden.  The speaker from 1:30pm to 3:30pm.  Two hours on Friday afternoon in a hot auditorium. The coaches take their seats up in the balcony and all the district personnel start filling in from the back of the auditorium forward.  Jeff is introduced.

"Always make sure you never exceed their contract time or you'll be speaking to an empty room," Jeff will tell you he has always remembered that advice, but he has never had to worry.  He's always honored his time with teachers and staff, but the teachers and staff always stick around mingling afterwards.

On this particular day in Burkburnett, Texas, Jeff delivered a standing ovation teacher in-service talk about Teen Mental Health, Teen Suicide Prevention, and Building Relationships.

The superintendent said, "Jeff, we've never seen our staff give anyone a standing ovation."

Jeff is real talk.  Real life.  Real inspiration.  Jeff knows how to speak to his audiences.  Whether it is teens, teachers, administration, school resource officers, counselors, doctors, mental health professionals, or one on one individuals, Jeff knows his audience and connects with them personally as well as professionally.

You'll be a hero when you invite Jeff to speak to your teachers and staff members.  They will love Jeff for his humor, straight talk, and inspirational message about a topic many don't want to talk about.  Jeff teaches and makes it easy to understand because it all comes back to relationships.  As Jeff talks about teen suicide he relates it to a way in which it all makes sense.

If you are interested in Jeff speaking at your next teacher in-service, please contact us today. (CONTACT US).

Jeff will inspire your Teachers and Staff:

  • Engage with your students and focus on relationships

  • To know and understand the signs and symptoms of teen depression and suicidal ideation

  • To learn how to get their students to open up and share

  • Will show you how to effectively communicate with a teen in crisis

  • Will share with you the two questions teens ask every day

  • Will share with you the four types of clues you can recognize when a teen is in crisis mode

  • Will share with you Red Flags and what to do if you suspect a teen might be suicidal

  • Will share with you how to ask the "Suicide" question without fear of them acting

  • Will share with you myths and facts about suicide

  • Jeff will share with you his Theory on Teen Suicide

  • Will talk about Smartphones, Internet, Sexting, Social Media, and more.


Standing Ovation!

Standing Ovation!