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Jeff Yalden University is online courses for this generation of young people (forward thinking people of all ages) who want real life talk real life situations that today’s educational system is failing to teach and prepare today’s youth for success.

Over the past few years, Jeff Yalden has asked many of people about today’s education and whether or not we are preparing our youth for life after high school and unanimously the answer is “NO!” Quite concerning, says Jeff. Then it leads to the question, “Is the value of education today worth the cost of education?” Many have said, “NO!”

However, today’s expectations for our young people is still what it was 20 years ago, but the new generation isn’t who we were 20 years ago. Our parents used to tell us, “Go to school and do good. Go to college and do good. Get a job and retire there in 20-30 years.” Well, that isn’t the case today with many corporations downsizing and people losing their jobs just because. There is no loyalty and young people today statistically will have 8-10 different jobs in their lifetime and many different careers too.

Jeff Yalden University is designed so that when people people ask, “I don’t care where you went to school, I want to know what you have done.” Jeff is going to give you online courses for next level learning and world domination.

Welcome to Jeff Yalden University!

Relatable, Inspiring, Real, Powerful Personal Coaching for Teens

by America’s Favorite Celebrity Teen & Family Life Coach

Finally! That trusted adult, mentor, life-coach that today’s teens relate to.

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The expectations for our youth aren’t changing, but the growth and what our young people want is and it’s alarming how there is such a disconnect between today’s reality and what is expected.

Welcome to Jeff Yalden University, a product of The Jeff Yalden Foundation, Inc. The Jeff Yalden Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that works with youth, teachers, parents, and mental health professionals (READ MORE).

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Intentional Living with Jeff is a Mastermind Group Coaching Mentorship where your teen can now have a personal relationship and receive weekly videos from Jeff himself.

Every week your teen will receive a new video from Jeff on a new topic. Your teen will have created a relationship with Jeff through videos every week. Just like Jeff is in your living room or at school having a one-on-one with your teen. The connection is made and Jeff answers the most commonly asked questions our teens are asking.

What is Intentional Living for Teens with Jeff Yalden? What exactly is Jeff’s Mastermind Group and why should I sign my teen up?

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If you’re reading this there is one thing I already know . . .

And that is that you are looking for something of value that can help between you and your teen. Something that will help your teen in their well-being and personal growth. Maybe you’re struggling with your teen opening up, lack of motivation, trouble coping and problem solving, or you think your teen is spending too much time alone and not involved in extra-curricular activities. Whatever it is you are thinking rest assured you are not the only parent asking these questions.

Relax! You haven’t failed as a parent. Actually, you are the first generation of parents struggling with the first generation of teens not knowing what life was like prior to smartphones and social media. You can watch my TEDx Talk on teens and social media. Without using this page to go into my book, TEEN SUICIDE: The WHY Behind America’s Suicide Epidemic, I want to let you know that today’s teens are really struggling with two really impactful feelings and they all need intervention . . . Or, someone they can trust and relate to.

Welcome! Now meet Jeff Yalden. Jeff is going to be your teens ‘other’ voice, as he has done for 27 years. Jeff possesses a strong background in clinical psychology and education. He’s a teen mental health and crisis intervention expert who has traveled 49 countries, 50 states, and every province in Canada working with school communities. This isn’t all mental health this course is about, but Jeff feels strongly that we can’t thrive and live if we don’t come to terms with who we are first.

This course is going to simplify the path to adulthood leading your teen with a simple few questions to start:

Who are you? Where are you in life, personally, family, school, friends, emotionally, etc.? Where are you going? How are you going to get there?

Jeff is going to inspire a ‘Growth Mindset’ rewiring the brain of your teen and helping to become a Teen Dominating a very scary future. Jeff will help your teen be the best version of themselves allowing your teen to reach their full potential in their future endeavors.

But . . .

Until Now, There’s NEVER Been Such A Program For TEENS . . .

Your teen needs a mentor or an accountability partner, here is why:

As adults we have the ability to emotionally check ourselves. We’ve developed coping skills and problem solving skills, and we know how hard it is to take time-outs. We know what life was like prior to smartphones and social media. We had off time when school ended. Our teens have no off time. They’re on 24/7 and 365 days a year. Our teens are feeling this incredible pressure and the expectations they’re putting on themselves and they’re not ready.

Our teens aren’t maturing until about 25 years old today. They’re still expected to know what they want and where they want to go to college at 18.

Are your teens opening up and sharing their problems with their parents? No, they are not. Are they sharing it with a teacher, coach, or counselor? No, they are not.

When Jeff visits schools. He will have 20-30 teens waiting to speak to him one-on-one afterwards. He spends 15 hour days in schools visiting with teens, teachers, parents, and counselors. Why are teens lined up to talk to him? Because they say, “He gets it.” “He gets us.” “He is easy to talk to.” In short, Jeff has built the relationship and earned their trust. This is very hard to do today with our teens. Jeff does it like nobody else. More importantly, he’s a ‘Trusted Adult’ that gives practical advice for teens that is inspirational, relatable, funny, and he cares.

Every community Jeff visits one thing is common: Our teens are broken and the amount of broken families is incredible. Our teens are raising themselves and they are scared.

This is why Jeff has created this Mastermind Group for today’s Teens!

Maybe you have a great relationship with your teen. That is great. This program is still beneficial for your teen. Two people saying the same thing is better than one person saying what needs to be said.

Think about it, for only $9.99 a month your teen will get practical, real life, motivational, inspirational, and educational insight from one of the top teen mental health and youth motivational speakers in the world. You spend $9.99 daily on stuff we don’t need - Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, food at a gas station, lottery tickets, etc.

This Mastermind Group is fun, entertaining, powerful, relatable, and content driven with humor and seriousness for teens.

By joining Intentional Living for Teens your teen will get access to NEW success-minded videos every single week where Jeff takes the same concepts he’s learned from therapy, self-help books, online courses, psychology, the hundreds of books, and countless hours of conversations with some of the most powerful teachers in the world. Your teen is going to get more information relatable to your teen in one year that they would in four years as a college student. Think about that. For only, $119.88 a year ($9.99 a month), your teen will get this life-changing education whereas today’s colleges are about $25K to $60K a year.

You’re teen is getting more value for $119.88 (one year subscription) that a four year college degree about $200K. You can even cancel anytime. But, why would you? What if your teen got one solid piece of advice they could use forever, would that be worth it?

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Here, let me send you this now . . . This is FREE. Let’s call it a BONUS and you’ll get more of these every month. Yeah, this Mastermind Group is going to be that LIT! (Teen lingo). FREE 30 Day BOOM Workbook - Crush Goals to World Domination.

What else is this Mastermind Group going to cover? Great question. Jeff will translate all the advice and lessons to teen friendly lessons about:

  • Personal Habits for Success

  • Mental Mindset Motivation

  • Goal Setting

  • Organization Skills

  • Self-Discipline

  • Self-Esteem and Self Respect

  • Confidence

  • Overcome Fear

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Work Ethic

  • Attitude

  • Gratitude

  • . . . and so much more!

You the parent reading this, I know you are already doing an amazing job and you probably don’t need this, but this Mastermind Group will simply be another tool to make your life as a parent easier and your teens lives better and more defined in purpose, productivity, and fulfillment. Jeff is just going to reinforce the things, values, lessons, you are already teaching them.

Next-Level Mindset Motivation for Teens

Let Jeff work with you to give your teen the motivation and mental hydration to overcome their fears, expectations, and doubts. Let’s mentally prepare your teen for success through life’s challenges and circumstances.

You can give your TEEN full access for just $9.99 per month. Only $119.88 a Year.

What do you pay for a new pair of sneakers today?

This is an UNHEARD of DISCOUNT filled with incredible valuable content that will change your teens lives. I used to sell it for $99.99 per month in my Life Coaching Program for Teens and Families.

Only $9.99 per month you get NEW life-changing practical and inspirational videos every single week! Your teen will be thanking you and you’ll notice a changed teen - more friendly, helpful around the house, patient, less angry, more clarity, selflessness, and more. Isn’t that worth it alone? BOOM!

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Join Intentional Living for Teens - Jeff Yalden Mastermind Group for only $9.99 per month. Cancel anytime!

Think for a second about this $9.99 per month. Less than the price of a video game. I know you think your teen is worth it.

Over 30 days, $9.99 comes down to $.33 per day. $.33 per day. You can’t even send a letter with a stamp for $.33 cents today.

What are you waiting for?

Would you spend $.33 cents to:

  • Give your teen a path of success?

  • Have better relationships with peers, siblings, parents, and adults?

  • Have more mental clarity?

  • Develop successful habits?

  • Learn how to set and crush goals?

  • Encourage them to put their phone down more and get more involved?

  • Get compliments from other parents and teachers about your teen?

  • Have a more selfless attitude?

  • Have them stop complaining more and be more grateful?

  • Get them to have more respect for themselves and others?

  • To teach them about a ‘Growth Mindset’ rather than a ‘Fixed Mindset?’

  • To teach them valuable life skills that matter and make a difference?

  • Give them more focus on tasks at hand?

  • To teach them to reduce stress and anxiety?

  • To be more open and not afraid to communicate?

  • Become more disciplined?

  • To help them live their best life possible?

Even if just one of these things makes a difference in your teens life then this is a win-win situation for you and your teen. You have to find value in what this Mastermind Group will do for your teen. It’s amazing and until now, nothing has ever been offered like this. Then again, nobody works with teens the way Jeff does. Nobody connects with teens on their level the way Jeff can. Nobody can relate with teens like Jeff does.

So, click the button below right now and join the Mastermind Group for Teens before your spot is taken by someone else’s teen and your teen misses out.

Wait, there is more . . .


The #1 thing Jeff learned to do is watch motivational videos and get into reading inspirational books, quotes, and following the advice and practical tips of success coaches. This was a total game changer for Jeff in his personal value and success in his work.

He’s the author of four best-selling books for teens and a renowned teen educator, teen and family life coach, podcast host, and founder and executive director of The Jeff Yalden Foundation, Inc.

Since he’s accomplished so much and has been doing this for so long, Jeff wants to do something really special . . .

By joining TODAY, not only will your teen(s) be getting direct access to Intentional Living - The Jeff Yalden Mastermind Group’s Success Videos, but Jeff wants to also give you digital copies of his books and motivational PDF’s . . . FOR FREE. Absolutely FREE!

FREE Digital Copies of Jeff Yalden’s books and Motivational PDF’s.