Who Hires Jeff Yalden?

Jeff Yalden possesses a strong background in clinical psychology and education. He speaks to teens and school communities including full school assemblies, teachers and staff, parents and the community.  He also speaks at colleges and universities.  He's a keynote speaker at many of national, state, and regional Mental Health Professionals and Family Service Youth Focused Conferences.  Whether you are a professional with little mental health background to an abundance of mental health education and experience, adults love Jeff.  Jeff has also spoken to many corporate audiences for trainings and family wellness days.  He's also been a consultant for lawyers, hospitals, doctors, nurses, television shows and casting agents, and has spoken at many camps.

For your next event, whether it is teens, families, educators, mental health professionals or related to mental health and teen mental health, consider Jeff as your next keynote speaker or workshop presenter.  We know you'll be glad you did!

Benefit from more than Two Decades’ of Experience from THE MAN who Deals with Teen Suicide Every Day!

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America's #1 Youth Motivational Speaker, since 1992!

Teens, Teens, Teens . . . Jeff has always loved connecting with Teens!

Jeff is passionate about teen mental health because he was there and describes the years 15-24 as the toughest years of his life.  However, not everyone is living with mental illness and Jeff isn't just a speaker on Mental Health.  He is and will always be a Youth Motivational Speaker with a message that is inspirational, thought-provoking, and reaches his audience to the core.  From middle school and high school to college and university students through young adults and parents, Jeff is that "Ah-Ha! Speaker who can mesmerize his audience. 

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Colleges & Universities Mental Health Speaker

Youth, Youth, Youth . . . Jeff has always loved connecting with young adults 18 - 25

Mental health issues are on the rise on college campuses across the country. Our students need to know that there is quality mental health and counseling services readily available on campus.  It's important our students know they can be getting services from the campus counseling center that will improve one's quality of life while getting their education.  Sometimes you need an outside person who can share his story and encourage students that it's OK to ask for HELP.  Jeff does just that but in a way that he isn't lecturing.  They get it.  They appreciate his honest and transparent approach to mental health and silencing the stigma. 

Living in a new environment outside the familiarity of home can create overwhelming and stressful circumstances. College students can greatly benefit from understanding that a certain amount of stress is normal, but that too much stress can be unhealthy and unproductive. Knowing the signs of stress, its causes and how to manage it can be a great tool in promoting and preserving good mental health.

So, whether it is a motivational talk on mental health, suicide prevention training, or straight up motivation and adulting (we think this is now a word), Jeff is a great speaker for your campus. 

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Emergency Crisis Situations

When one Indiana community lost nine teens in one year, including four teens in six weeks all to suicide, they called Jeff.

Youth motivational speaker and suicide prevention expert/trainer, Jeff Yalden shares with you a video of his visit to Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation in Akron, IN.

When the Canadian Mental Health Association called Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, “a city in crisis,” they called Jeff Yalden.

Jeff Yalden answers the toughest questions parents, teens, and educators are asking as his theory goes beyond the text book definitions of mental health and teen depression.

Far from a boring speaker, he delivers a heartfelt message delivered with humor and truth intertwined with real-life stories that touch the heart and change lives.

Our youth today want real life talk and someone who understands them and what they are going through. For this reason, many school communities reach out to Jeff because not only does Jeff get it, but he lives it and knows how to talk to teens on their level, getting our young people to open up their hearts and drop their ego.

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Mental Health Professionals & Events

Check out Jeff's video where he recently spoke at the Allies in Mental Health Conference in Appleton, WI.  Three hour keynote.  Who wants to sit through a three hour keynote address?  Nobody, right.  Well, after three hours to School Psychologists, Superintendents, Principals, Guidance Counselors, School Resources, and local Mental Health Professionals, Jeff received a STANDING OVATION!  

Visit Jeff's page for Mental Health Professionals.  You'll be glad you invited Jeff to speak at your next event.